Monday, March 20, 2017

American culture is different and worth saving

[Allen West] Iowa’s Congressman Steve King stood up for American values and American culture. The reaction from the alt-left progressive radicals is been off the scale from normal. They have twisted his comments and impugned him as a racist. Their arguments are fallacious and built on the policy of personal destruction that the Democrats are famous for.

Read about it...

The true enemy in our country are liberals. We have the right president at the right time.  Let him do his job.


Anonymous said...

"The true enemy in our country are liberals."

You've declared that 50% of America is the enemy. You are a sick, sick woman.

I don't agree with a lot of what you say here, but I would never declare you "the enemy" because every one knows what people want to do to "the enemy."

Seek help, Lynn, before you do something you regret.

Lynn Anderson said...

We conservatives know who the sick ones are...just mentioned that on the blog. I write these comments just for you. Truth hurts. :)

Anonymous said...

Trump and the American people won. The scum lost. Suck it!