Wednesday, March 29, 2017

GOP working on Healthcare Reform

We made a promise to you. We promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. And I assure you, we are going to keep working toward that promise.

We’re in the business of helping improve people’s lives. That’s why we put the repeal of Obamacare at the top of our agenda -- because every day that Obamacare lives is another day that your taxpayer dollars fund Planned Parenthood, your premiums rise, and more insurers bail out.

But after ten years of being the opposition party, we’re feeling the growing pains of becoming the governing party. We’ll get through this, because we have to -- we have a responsibility to the American people to get things right.

We’ll continue to work on health care reform, while also focusing on the other campaign promises Republicans made in November.

I’m grateful for your support, Lynn. After eight years of liberal rule, it won’t be easy rolling back and replacing other remnants of the Democrats’ big government policies. I’ll need you with me in the months ahead.

It’s time to lead.


Paul Ryan

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