Thursday, March 30, 2017

Vacation Rentals

The bill (HB 425), sponsored by Rep. Mike La Rosa, R-St. Cloud, prevents local governments from imposing new restrictions on vacation homes. Local ordinances that were in effect on June 1, 2011, could remain, but restrictions adopted after that date, including laws based on a 2014 legislative compromise, would be declared "void and unenforceable" by the state and wiped off the books.

The parade of bill opponents included the Florida Association of Counties, Florida League of Cities, Flagler County, the Greater Miami and the Beaches Hotel Associations, and the cities of Bradenton Beach, Daytona Beach, Holmes Beach and Lake Worth.


The House will be in Session today. » 1:30 PM - Upon Adjournment

HB 425

HB 425 - Vacation Rentals
General Bill by La Rosa (CO-SPONSORS) Eagle; Raulerson; Santiago; White Vacation Rentals: Provides that local laws, ordinances, & regulations adopted after certain date may not restrict use of, prohibit, or regulate vacation rentals based solely on classification, use, or occupancy.
Effective Date: upon becoming a law
Last Event: Now in Commerce Committee on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 6:11 PM

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