Monday, March 27, 2017

A Rose by any other name--it's still a Sanctuary City

Paula Prudente, conservative, speaks to the West Palm Beach City Commission 
on illegal immigration and against the City's "Welcoming" Resolution

The meeting started at 5 PM today where the West Palm Beach mayor and city commission (all Democrats to my knowledge) met to pass a resolution and the adoption of what they are calling a Safe City Resolution or a "Welcoming" Resolution. What it means is, the city commission of West Palm Beach consisting of over 102 thousand residents just passed a resolution making the city a Sanctuary City.

Can you imagine these elected officials in charge of your life?  Your city? Welcoming illegal immigrants? The resolution indicates the city's refusal to cooperate with ICE (immigration) officials in their attempts to collect and deport illegal undocumented immigrants unless they commit a crime. Of course, simply being here IS a crime.

Evidently they have no fear in the federal government in its quest to crackdown on sanctuary cities that plans to pull federal funding.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with this picture? The WPB council took the side of illegals living here instead of what the law dictates.

Lynn Anderson said...

What kills me is that city commissioners have to have these meetings so that the public can weigh in on policy decisions BUT---they already have their minds made up. This is true everywhere, not just in liberal WPB or PB County or Lake Worth.

Anyone who spoke defending our federal laws was speaking to the wind.

Hope this doesn't come up in Lake Worth because I would bet that a few commissioners would vote with the majority politics on this. That would be very disappointing.

William said...

Traitors in an already sanctuary county.

When the Federal Government cuts off funding they can ask the illegals for a handout for city services; and when a serious crimes is committed against legal residents they will be culpable.

What's next? Chelsea Handler for mayor.?

Anonymous said...

My sister works in an elementary school that the air conditioner breaks down in half the time.I told her that next time it breaks and she's trying to teach from the inside of what basically becomes an oven ,she needs to call 911,leave in an ambulance, and sue the $hit out of the Palm Beach County school board. Our schools suck,and these fools in West Palm think it's OK to play fast and loose with our funding? Have these fools opened their own homes (probably gated homes) to the illegals polluting our area? No ,of course not!Next time there is a measles ,whooping cough/leprosy outbreak-thank and illegal . Next time you open your car insurance and faint from the rate increase-thank an illegal. And when you or a loved one gets raped or murdered by an illegal-thank these FOOLS on the West Palm Beach Commission.