Sunday, March 26, 2017

Let the free market fix the problems on healthcare

Unfortunately her sensible solution was not to be.
1. “Pass the full Obamacare repeal bill. That gets us to 2008 when health care was far cheaper than it is today under the burdensome, heavily bureaucratic Obamacare mandates.
2. “Each state needs to decide what it wants to spend on health care and what it wants to offer its citizens, if anything. The federal government has repeatedly proved itself a failure on this issue for decades. They need to get out of creating monopolies in health care and punishing free market competition.
3. “All the federal government needs to do after repealing Obamacare is to pass a bill that allows any health insurance product to be sold across state lines with no minimum federal mandates. Period.
4. “Medicare eligible Senior citizens and poor people on Medicaid should have the option of choosing a voucher to spend toward the purchase of any type of healthcare plan they want, then put the surplus, if any in a Health savings account.
5. “I’d also encourage the states to pass liability shields for charity clinics. If doctors, nurses and facilities want to offer free healthcare, then the clinic and practitioners should be free from the threat of lawsuits.”
Her bottom line?
Let the market fix the problems caused by Obamacare.

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Anonymous said...

"Old politicians never die" they just continue to annoy us.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a free market responsible for the pre-existing conditions being excluded from policies? Charging more for older sicker people? Scum-sucking lawyers being able to sue for any little thing?

It may not be a bad thing to establish rules that require certain things be covered for the level playing field. Then let market forces take over. Still won't be "affordable".