Thursday, March 23, 2017

Herman on "Building Trust"

Tuesday night, while speaking to working for all residents,
Herman Robinson said
"Building trust is one of the keys to doing that."

Well, it wasn't a great start in the "building trust" department--

Ordinance 2017-06 was on the Agenda under Public Hearings Second Reading to designate 1019 and 1021 a mixed use Urban Planned 3 story Development of  a proposed seven (7) unit townhouse complex located on a 20,250 square foot (.46 acre) site owned by Longboat Development II, LLLP.

Charles Gusmano, principal of Longboat Development, is the very same Charles Gusmano, Founder and COO of Southern Waste Systems (Sun Recycling). Mr. Gusmano and Longboat Development have been around Lake Worth for years and give contributions to certain politicians.

Mr. Robinson should have disclosed his campaign contributions from the various companies involved with Mr. Gusmano such as Jetport LLC and Waste Management or perhaps recused himself from the vote. I'm sure being new that this was just an oversight.  Omari Hardy had recused himself on a vote involving one of his employers.


Anonymous said...

It's not that Hermina is new. It's that he's just a stupid stumble bum.Put a straw hat on his head and a corn cob pipe in his mouth and we'd have "Pa Kettles" double sitting up there.(look it up people and get ready to LYAF when you see a picture of Pa Kettle.) Not since Retha Lowe have we had such a pitiful specimen sitting on the dais. He can't even string words together for God's sake!Hey Hermina, will your new boobs arrive in time for your next Women's club meeting?
Honesty? We don't need no stinking honesty in Lake Worth MOVING FORWARD.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha looked up Pa Kettle its true! And Lisa Maxwell looks just like Ma Kettle !!

Anonymous said...

No,no! I can do you one better. Watch the Twilight zone episode "the Hunt". OMG IT"S HERMAN!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sh*t. Herman knows about this sort of thing after being on the Historic Board for heavens sake.

Anonymous said...

Nice comments here, keep it classy. LOL

Anonymous said...

He will also have to recuse himself from the Gulfstream Hotel. He may seem so nice, but he has an agenda