Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lake Worth Neighborhood Road Program - Spreading the wealth around

When does all this road work begin?

Tonight and part of the 19 items on the Consent Agenda, we get an inkling as to when the work might begin--the engineering firms have been selected in the non-mandatory pre-bid meeting.

District 1
$358,445--Mock Roos & Associates

District 2
$355,269.38--Matthews Consulting & Baxter Woodman Company

District 3
$493,460--Kinley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

District 4
$442,880--Chen Moore & Associates, Inc.

or 4.125% of the total contract

Bid Submission Deadline Day / Date: April 13, 2017
 Time: 3:00 PM
 Location: Financial Services City Hall
 7 North Dixie Highway 2nd Floor Lake Worth, FL 33460


Pete said...

Only the beginning of the cost of the neglect that this and previous Commissions have created during their years in office and will cost the tax paying citizens of Lake Worth for the next 30 years.

Will the maintain the repairs when they are finished?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the over site board already sitting and monitoring how our money is being spent ?