Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lake Worth - A Sanctuary City in a Sanctuary County

Although the city denies that Lake Worth is a Sanctuary City, there is data that decries that claim. Lake Worth, was added as a sanctuary city on 4-13-09. OJJPAC was given a tour of our city by local activists.

The city manager says we are not a Sanctuary City because there is no formal resolution or ordinance to that affect. The Sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, claims the same. However, an informal sanctuary policy is an 'unwritten' policy that exists but is not documented on paper.

List of Sanctuary Cities

The latest Lake Worth Demographic Data just now published

From this new demographic data, we learn that the foreign born Lake Worth Resident is: 36%. We don't know the number of illegals included in this group.


Lynn Anderson said...

Herman said--let them stay as long as they haven't committed a crime.
The problem here, Herman, is that they committed a crime when they crossed our border ILLEGALLY.

Anonymous said...

All of them are here illegally. All of the 36 percent that are foreign born. Just about. When is Trump going to get them our of our city!!???!! I cannot wait any longer, I don't hear English anywhere anymore!!! Please Mr. Trump!!!