Monday, May 15, 2017

Lake Worth getting tough on Junked/Abandoned Vehicles

The vehicle had 4 flat tires and abandoned on 3rd Avenue South

In the past, PBSO said that this is a city code problem and that the city has a relationship with towing is their responsibility to remove the car.

With more and more abandoned vehicles across Lake Worth, under New Business on Tuesday night's city commission meeting, the City will be addressing that problem. The new ordinance will make it less attractive for people to abandon vehicles on public streets and have unpaid fines and the city will finally have all the tools in its drawer to get rid of junked cars.
  • A device will be attached to the car where it can't be moved.
  • Once the fines are paid, the device will be removed.
  • The vehicle can be towed or impounded if fines not paid

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