Saturday, May 20, 2017

Possible hijacking of an American Airlines' plane?

We're getting refugees, whether we want them or not (about 112,000 each year) thanks to do-gooders. This one is from Turkey and its president was just visiting us a few days ago when demonstrations by Turkish factions broke out in front of their embassy in D.C.--9 people were injured. Turkey is also fighting ISIS.

"A Turkish man, Anil Uskanil, was aboard the Honolulu-bound AA Flight 31 today and decided to try and break into the cockpit today. He was overtaken by passengers and flight crew before he could do any harm. They used duct tape (what can’t that stuff do!) among other items to ensure he could not get out of his site. This prompted the Air Force to scramble two F-22’s to escort the plane to it’s destination."

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