Sunday, May 21, 2017

Unemployment lowest in 28 years

"Unemployment claims nationwide are at their lowest point in 28 years, according to a report issued by the Department of Labor Thursday, indicating that the job market continues to soar under the renewed confidence of Trumponomics.

From consumer confidence to the promise of corporate tax cuts to a runaway stock market, employers are investing in their companies again.

It isn’t rocket science. It simply took an experienced career business professional versus a career political parasite to lead the effort. I continue to find it amazing that Barack Hussein and the entire Democrat Party were so clueless that they did not see this." [PowderedWigSociety]

For the first time in a decade, Palm Beach County's unemployment fell to 3.9%

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Constance said...

These unemployment numbers are false. You posted last year about how there are over 90 million people out of work. It's tragic and total miscarriage of the truth to now think that everything is better just because someone new is in the White House. Things are a mess in this country. Coal miners are still out of work. Where are the jobs?

Lynn Anderson said...

Actually, I think it was around 94 million last year with no jobs, many of whom weren't looking. Unemployment checks and free stuff were more fun! Coal miners are out of work, true, but many of those mines were closed during the last administration. Our good friend Jo-ann calls Trump a dictator. Should he demand that free enterprise create jobs that don't exist any longer?

Do you expect miracles? He's been in office for 121 days.

Anonymous said...

Yes in this case everything is better, someone new is in the WH.

Constance said...

I don't believe's fake news. I can't believe you're putting a link to them in your comments. They are the worst fake news around. Unemployment checks and free stuff is still going out. Trump hasn't stopped anything even though he could of with a simple executive order. 121 days is enough to stop unemployment and Obama phones...or is it that you still want the do-nothings to get more free stuff? Stop pretending!

I always came to here to get the straight story, now you are using the same employment sources that Obama did and you're linking to CNN. It's like the world has gone crazy just because Trump is president!

Lynn Anderson said...

That was a link for all the Trump haters. You can Google and find plenty of other sources. Be my guest. And I have no idea what you're talking about regarding an Executive Order to stop unemployment!!!!