Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump is more than Smart

While liberals and the mainstream media try to paint President Trump as mentally unbalanced, one of the world’s foremost psychiatrists has a much different diagnosis.

Try to remember, Trump was successful, wealthy and powerful LONG before becoming president.

You don’t achieve that status by not being smart.

And according to Dr. Keith Ablow, Trump is more than just “smart”:


Paul said...

Crazy like a fox, I say. :)

Ablow's take on Newt Gingrich being more qualified to be President because of his 3 marriages and his assessment of Joe Biden as having dementia are the two views that convinced me that that this guy knows his stuff.

Trump has this all under control. He knows exactly how to play his cards and when Flynn goes to jail and Manafort begins singing to the feds, we're all going to see just how light on his toes he is. Watch!

Lynn Anderson said...

Always a smart azz in the crowd.
Flynn was a lobbyist. That was his job. He's going nowhere.
Manafort had business dealings with the Ukraine. This was before Trump. They are also investigating the Podesta Group, the lobbying and public relations company run by Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Someone should be investigating Hillary.
As far as someone being married several times, what does that have to do with the price of eggs?

Anonymous said...

Cowards covering their faces.WHERE are the PUSSY cops t arrest the people who UNLAWFULLY are covering their faces with masks???