Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lake Worth Pool 1920

It was directly across from the Atlantic ocean then. Why is this not still the ideal location?
It was crowded and people flocked to our salt water pool at the Lake Worth Casino.
We have attracted swim clubs, even the Navy Seals trained here.
It has offered aerobics and swimming lessons and it has been affordable.
We now have a heated fresh water pool and people love our pool. It's the ideal place to go swim, exercise and relax at our Olympic Pool at the Lake Worth beach.


William said...

How can you not see the beauty of a concrete 2 story garage instead of an olympic oceanfront pool.

It will make us the envy of all the surrounding municipalities.

And think of the honor of being able to park at the Bornstein/Maxwell garage rather than a pedestrian parking lot.

This will be real progress!

Anonymous said...

What makes it the ideal place for such an amenity?