Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lake Worth Workshop Meeting on the Pool

Total cost including locker room, restrooms and pump house:

  • Pool structural deficiencies: None
  • Pool finishes: fairly good
  • Building condition (locker rooms and restrooms): Fair to good
  • Building deficiencies: Roof cover and minor mechanical and plumbing issues
  • Pump House deficiencies: Replace roof system. interior piping near end of its useful life--needs to be removed and replaced.
Commissioner Remarks: Some of which are reasonable; others bizarre.

Mayor Triolo: That kind of feature (pool) does not have to make money--just needs to be sustainable.
Commissioner Hardy: Parroting resident Peggy Fisher, Hardy asked, "Which information do I trust?" (William Waters or the engineering firm} Why did the city pay Kimley-Horn to do an engineering report if we can't trust them?
Commissioner Amoroso: Says if the pool is opened, we lose $600,00; if closed, we lose $300,000. If it doesn't beak even, you the tax payer is paying for it...needs to be modernized...ask about the penny sales tax to be used for project.
Vice Mayor Maxwell: "This pool has been used as a political pawn; it has been prostituted. in some ways." Concerned about the huge financial loss.
Commissioner Robinson:  "Would love to see a family friendly pool--not necessarily in that location--not interested in spending $500,000 and getting the same thing." Last night at the Atlantis Country Club, you told me you wanted to save the pool.


Anonymous said...

That's good news that the pool will not cost that much to repair. Let's get going commissioners.

Anonymous said...

Half a MILLION dollars??? Are you nutz?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor and Commissioners appeared shell shocked that the pool was actually repairable!!!!
So -we lose money if our pool is closed-BUT we lose even more money if it is opened???? WTF?
These people actually have businesses???

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't understand the costs associated with manning with life guards, ticket sales, maintenance and chemicals. Yes.... these people have businesses.

Lynn Anderson said...

Yeah, no one understands the city--that is correct. We are so stupid that we don't know it costs money to make money and that anyone with half a brain would know, that with an asset, you have to maintain it.

Just do it right commissioners. Find the budget. Stop giving yourselves big raises and big excuses but instead concentrate on our existing pool.

The only politicizing of the pool, Vice Mayor, is by you!

Anonymous said...

cant believe that 4 on the diaz have businesses'would like to see how many books they have to balance their budget.they are in parr with cnn.cant believe a word from them.guess the trips to dc are for them and not the city