Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hannity being censored at Fox?

"Fox News host Sean Hannity has been in the hot seat over his coverage of a controversial story many are calling a conspiracy theory--the Seth Rich saga. On his radio show Tuesday he angrily and defiantly said he would press on, despite Fox News executives pulling one of the articles on the story." Read more...

Fox News has been doing a lot of weird stuff lately ever since the Murdoch brothers took over power from Daddy. We had the firing of Roger Ailes. You no longer can tgell a woman that "you look pretty in that dress today." Then came Bill O'Reilly, who, incidentally, was fair and balanced. They have been hiring more and more Alt-Left Democrats. There has been some skuttlbutt about Jesse Watters and now we have them cracking down on Sean Hannity, the top conservative voice of the station.

No one knows if Sean Hannity will be on his show tonight. And most of all, no one knows if Fox is putting the final nail in its coffin.

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Anonymous said...

The Murdoch brothers were given their marching orders by the DNC-DESTROY FOX NEWS. The left couldn't compete with FOX on a level playing field so they had to shut them down.