Sunday, May 21, 2017

A New Chapter in World History

With U.S. flags lining the streets in Riyadh, an historic moment occurred in Saudi Arabia. The pomp and circumstance and respect awarded to President Trump and his administration is unprecedented. This trip organized for and by President Trump to visit places, sacred to three of the world's major religions in order to work together in peace, our president was given a royal welcome in Saudi Arabia with the common goal of eradicating ISIS and creating a partnership of understanding.

A lot of jobs will be created due to this agreement as well as eventual wealth to the United States and Saudi Arabia. But more importantly, the safety of the region will be on more solid ground when dealing with terrorist states such as Iran.  President Trump and  King Salman are confronting radical terrorists head-on.

A few of the deals--
  • An estimated $200 billion in deals waiting in the wings over the next 10 years
  • Lockheed Martin--$6 billion for 150 Blackhawk helicopters and 450 jobs
  • Saudi Aramco--$50 billion in deals with U.S. companies
  • G.E.--$15 billion in deals
The President travels to Israel next. Israel and the Saudis have been co-operating in efforts to fight ISIS and defend themselves against Iranian aggression.

And what does the Palm Beach Post do? They re-ran an article by The Washington Post relegated to page 2 in today's newspaper. The news media is still out to undermine our President, if not overtly, than in their dismissal of this momentous meeting and its importance.


mike said...

The world is watching in approval.

The tired Palm Beach Post is hardly relevant and digging their own grave by their ignoring this most significant day in world history.

Anonymous said...

The Palm Beach Post SUCKS !!!!