Sunday, May 28, 2017

Obama Meddling in Foreign Elections

"The stench of the Obama administration is beginning to overwhelm Washington. From leftist politicos screaming for Trump’s head based upon fairy tales backed by zero evidence--

to the corrupt mainstream media parroting the Democrat mantra to dump Trump--

to foreign leaders now providing evidence of Barack Hussein meddling in foreign elections bankrolled by US taxpayer dollars,

the depth of the corruption is breathtaking and should land many high-profile Democrats in federal prison, hopefully and especially Hussein himself," says Thomas Madison

It's a George Soros connection and "senators are asking Tillerson to launch a full-scale investigation into these funding efforts in order to determine how exactly the Obama administration sought to promote left-leaning causes and political parties across the globe."



Anonymous said...

Politifact says mostly false.

Lynn Anderson said...

Your link cites Israel. Obama was involved in other countries according to Intel: The lawmakers disclosed multiple conversations with foreign diplomats who outlined active political meddling by the Obama administration's State Department, including the use of taxpayer funds to support leftist causes in Macedonia, Albania, Latin America, and Africa.

Anonymous said...

Bad,horrible,but what the Obama administration allowed to happen to AMERICANS in America is far worse! The deep state unmasking PRIVATE citizens and allowing that info to be shared with unofficial sources??? Each and every American has been spied on and their Constitutionally guaranteed rights ignored.THIS IS TREASON at the highest level. The elitists on both sides of the political isle need to be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Is Politifact owned by Soros? He owns the violent "protesters" who don't know what their protesting.