Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Terror in Minnesota

What in the hell are they thinking?

"The bodies of the latest terror victims in Manchester haven’t even been laid to rest yet, and liberal loons are already up to their usual antics, lecturing everyone who’s calling for increased border security as racists and bigots.

Liberal governors across our country are all too eager to help with ISIS’ mission of destruction, with Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton being the most vocal idiot as of late, with his plans to welcome “refugees” into his state by the droves, recently telling his citizens, 'if you don’t like immigrants, get out of Minnesota'!

With the start of Ramadan kicking off today, Muslims are predictably up to their usual antics. Now the entire town of Minneapolis has just erupted into massive chaos, after what these very Muslim refugees who were welcomed by Governor Dayton were just caught doing."



Anonymous said...

Governor Dayton and all liberal politicians blocking Trump’s migrant ban need to be removed from office!

Anonymous said...

We voters will take care of them.