Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What Allen West has to say about Maxine

No one really knew of her until she started running her mouth with outrageous charges. Now she won't shut up. You have to wonder how people like this get elected. She has now reinvented herself from "corrupt" to the most outspoken anti-Trump Democrat in D.C. and now is some sort of hero to all the snowflakes.

Maxine Waters, always looking like a fool

When Maxine Waters was interviewed on live TV, she was asked about her push to cause the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

In this article, former Congressman Allen B. West takes her to task for her foundless charges. He also does not spare MSNBC for aiding and abetting her departure from reality. There has yet to be ANY crime committed, much less one that rises to the levels of High Crimes and Treason.

Read about it... from Allen West.


Anonymous said...

Trump has proven that it makes little difference what you say, only that you get crazy coverage when you say crazy things. Maxine could take this all the way to the White House.

Everyone said Trump was a nut job way back when. It was the press that got him elected. All you heard every day was Trump, Trump, Trump.

By the time the election rolled around, who else was standing?

Anonymous said...

Time for wacky Grandma to go home !

Anonymous said...

But you've just gotta love her way cool James Brown wig!

Anonymous said...

Say it loud....