Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bitching about everything Trump - Now it's the Budget

While the whole world is focused on the horrors of Manchester, the liberals prepare for their assault on the President’s budget. Their plan will be to grow every entitlement program at the cost of the military. In this article, Allen West takes us to where the military is right now and then where it should be. You will also understand the tactics of the Democrat party as they buy their votes with your dollars.

What's the Budget priority?  More Food Stamps or Vanquishing the Enemy?

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Even while the president was on his Mid-East trip building bridges, the news media was focused on bashing him on the firing of James Comey and the fabricated Russian "collusion."

And now just glancing at the headlines of the Palm Beach Post, what is their choice today as the top story? "CBO: 23M lose coverage in newer bill," rather than spotlighting a positive that this budget would reduced spending by $110 billion over 10 years.

We get all these horror stories and essentially the Left, knowing that the status quo is unsustainable (average premiums rose 105% in 2017 for Obamacare) and that we must get to a balanced budget.  They won't accept anything less than socialized medicine or Single Payer healthcare with huge premium subsidies to all, even those who are non-citizens, at the expense of our national security.
Study on Obamacare

Trump was elected not to fix what was there, but to repeal and replace healthcare and reduce our spending. Basically, liberals  want to bitch about everything Trump.


Gretchen said...

I'm with you on most things but 23 million more people losing healthcare is kind of a big deal because, personally, I don't want to pay for their care thru higher premiums and costs. And that's what will happen.

And I would suggest that if we were really serious about balancing the budget, we wouldn't be building a $40 billion wall and eliminating the estate tax and other taxes that primarily benefit those who don't really need it.

Obamacare is pretty lousy. But the answer is not to make the system worse. After 8 years you would think we would have something better but it's embarrassing to me that all my party could slap together is Trumpcare. Let's take our time and do it right so that we can say we improved healthcare for everyone and created a system that really works. It's ridiculous to do something, anything, just to say we did something.

Just my thoughts.

Lynn Anderson said...

23 million who can't afford the premium under Obamacare unless subsidized by the Feds under Medicaid--buying coverage that they don't need at all. Did you read the stats I had on this b log re Obamacare?

As far as the estate tax goes, I don't believe in doubled taxation. These people already paid taxes, why should their heirs or children be taxed again? It's an immoral tax and punishing the small minority of wealthy that it will affect. It's subject to a $10 million dollar exemption. It's total discrimination on the super wealthy who have paid a bundle in their lives. They should be entitled to their wealth and to give it to whomever they please without penalty and without the socialists trying to take it from them. IMO

sam said...

The CBO is notorious as a bloated bureaucracy whose estimates turn out to be so far off the mark as to make their prognostications a waste of the taxpayers' money.

They need to be abolished.

Anonymous said...

"They should be entitled to their wealth and to give it to whomever they please without penalty and without the socialists trying to take it from them. IMO"

Oh, I agree. But I also believe that if we're against giving handouts to the poor, we have to be against giving handouts to the rich. I don't want the guy flying to St. Bart's 3 or 4 times a year to get a handout any more than I want the guy who refuses to work getting one.

And IMO, everyone needs health insurance coverage. That healthy 25yo could be walking down the street and be run over by a truck by no fault of his own. If he doesn't have insurance, who pays? Me and you and those who do have insurance. No one is in total control of their health from day to day.