Friday, May 26, 2017

Peter D'amico, a fine artist

It took me a very long time to buy a Peter D'amico painting. Although I always loved and admired his art for years, it just didn't go with my decor which is all animal and earth tones. But when he died a few weeks ago, I bought this painting and actually found a spot where it "works."

Proceeds from the sale of his paintings (only three are left..Click here to view) at the House of Frames on Lake Avenue will go towards Peter D'amico's cremation costs at All County.

If you want to have a lovely colorful piece of art that will go towards a good cause, visit the House of Frames, 1510 Lake Avenue.



Anonymous said...

How much is a simple cremation?

Lynn Anderson said...

Have no idea...$1,000? Maybe less.

Jane Floto said...

Lynn thank you for this information. We are so sad. My husband and i lived 3 houses from Peter and Dino. He would frequent our home, we would force feed him, he was so skinny and a very special guy. We haven't seen him since 2004 or so.
Since then we moved to New York and i never hung it, now we are moving homes and came across Peter's painting that he gave us, we offered payment he wouldnt take it. The scene almost like yours but huge about 3'x2'. If he named ours i don't remember. Picture this... fishing boat, black sky, palm trees and those colors. I'll never forget a huge painting of a crucifix he was working on. Picture this...oranges, browns, blacks, unusual for him almost done. I wanted it cause i love Jesus. Key Lime House in Lantana has a lighthouse painting behind the hostess station inside. AMAZING.
Appreciate your info.

Lynn Anderson said...

When I was told abbut it, I was shocked. His brother then over-dosed a week later.