Friday, July 15, 2016

Who's the Boss in Lake Worth? Not the people according to our local newspaper

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Lake Worth Activist Extraordinaire
Katie McGiveron
says the people are the boss.

Why is it that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who has his own opinion about something that doesn't jive with the city's and the commission trio's narrative/agenda is obstructing the city from moving unruly lot we are called...the vocal minority of "six people" says the editor of the Lake Worth Herald. Just think--standing up for the vote, which can't be denied or abridged, makes we the people a problem to this majority commission. If you don't just "go along" to "get along" you are what makes Lake Worth the mess it is. That's how they treat their own employees as well.  Silence is golden in their eyes.

Anyone can sit on the dais and just go along with city hall--that's easy to do. But a city commissioner who often is in the minority on major issues, who dares to ask questions, is labeled "disturbing" for trying to uncover the facts or who just wants answers, His job is to keep this city accountable. The editor believes those two commissioners should get the hell out of town.

What prompted the local newspaper's editorial was Katie McGiveron's outburst during the workshop on road bonds because the city commission is placing it on the ballot without involving the public.  Even posing questions (that lacked a lot of detail on a $40 to $50 million dollar 30 year bond) by McVoy, Maier or a citizen is simply outrageous, the local news editor believes.  Why don't you allow public commentary, commissioners? It's the taxpayer money you want to spend.

When speaking about the roads, nothing is ever mentioned about the fact that this majority commission that voted for the budget, reduced road maintenance from $1 million a year to $200k thus creating many of the pothole problems we have today. The editor says, "figures don't lie, liars figure," still blaming the wrong people simply for asking questions on a new bond. If you don't give all the facts on a general obligation bond, could this conceivably be considered a lie?

The editor continually disses Christopher McVoy and Ryan Maier and blames them for "nothing good happening in Lake Worth" and says they need to be replaced on the dais and they can take their six friends with them.  He must like dictatorships. Scott Maxwell is probably whispering in his ear. Actually, these two commissioners are what's good about Lake Worth, by being as honest as they can and asking the hard questions. As a reminder, the local newspaper is wrong--more than six people talk to our commissioners and the last election results were as follows:

Christopher McVoy:  63.33% of the vote or 1,636
Ryan Maier:  57.34% of the vote or 1,434 votes

And how dare a citizen say that she is the "boss" when she says that these elected officials work for the people. How dare she do that, says the editor who is the owner of a biased news tabloid who plays footsies with the city manager as well as Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso, three commissioners who 100% discount anyone who disagrees with them...we get the rolling of the eyes, the leaning back in the chair or just plain bullying. And Ms. McGiveron is not "misguided" as the city manager suggested in today's on-line Palm Beach Post article. As a citizen, she has every right to question the government that serves the people.

The following is from the budget produced by Lake Worth and this organizational chart confirms that the Residents are the boss because the city told us so as shown below--the Electorate is the ultimate boss, just in case the LW Herald or the trio that is supposed to represent all of us wants to know.

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mitch pomper said...

Katie has plenty of good ideas..unfortunately here style of presenting them makes some people simply not listen to her message...its a shame

Anonymous said...

Taking a page out of Jennings and crew playbook, make a scene, be loud and obnoxious, and make signs and silly plays. Brilliant, not really, need there done that, yawn.... wake us up when it's election Tuesday and see the silly load mouth do nothing's cry again...... we lost to developer whore money... ohhhh, Hudson Holdings paid for this election and are taking our beach... Go Braves

Anonymous said...

Lynn, great article and LOVE the picture! Worth 1000 words,--this one, and had me burst out laughing!
Hey, I've got a new job for Mark Eastman: working for the Kremlin. They love guys like him and just think he, Scott, and the terrible trio with the bowtie would never have to put up with the tremendous terrible burden of ever having to listen to the likes of people who have the audacity to express their opinion or (gasp, horrors) disagree with the development dynasty monarchs. And there no one could possible accuse him of running a rubber stamp tabloid for the major monarchy here--as part of the Kremlin it would just be business as usual. Moving forward!

Anonymous said...

I still miss Mr. Timms. He had some gems, one of which was ..."we are just walking wallets." Which is exactly how this majority sees the public. Open wallet, shut mouth.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just can't swallow any more of the crap sandwiches that this majority Commission thinks we deserve to eat on a regular basis.Two years of absolute and stubborn silence by this Commission as our roads ROT and then this farce? The comments at that workshop were insane. Mayor Pam Triolo making statements that no road work had been done for 50 or 60 years? Mcvoy and Maier wanting to involve the public in a 50,000,000 bond that they are going to be paying for-- According to Triolo that was "Political who ha". City manager Michael Bornstein called Mcvoy "politically naive". Scott Maxwell stated that "If the public wants to participate. they can go vote for or against the bond". The residents of Lake Worth are the bosses of this Commission. Not the other way around. Katie Mcgiveron

Weetha Peebull said...

...and their Oath of Office
ya know what they swear to BEFORE
we seat them on the dais. It's about
can not be taken from YOU! If they
have no idea what is in the budget
or how to read such a simple chart,
should they be allowed to handle so
much money? This is equal to a baby
in daycare learning the basics. What's
on top? What's on the bottom...

Weetha Peebull said...

Mitch - when and where did Katie have an opportunity
to share her ideas? No where and the 2 min public
comment BS isn't possible because you get rebutted
the instant you have ANOTHER OPINION! Watch any meeting
and this is the new norm of the gestapo trio! Work-
shops don't even allow public comment unless the QUEEN,
i mean mayor allows it - really?!?

Listening because you like the message has NOTHING to
do with it - throw your hat into the ring to be a Rep
and then you must Rep ALL the People! We have every right
as their bosses to speak to and instruct them. That requires
hearing all voices, math and what they are authorized to
do, PERIOD! Even the rules of procedure say if it doesn't
specifically say they can't do something DOESN'T mean they
can! The trio up there today need a lesson on why we got
ticked at the king...

"For taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our governments:
For suspending our own legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever."

"In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Weetha. And after all these years still very appropo, at least in Lake Worth under this "reign."

Anonymous said...

The citizens of lw voted our crooked commissioner's back in. So whose really to blame? The crooked commissioner's for acting like we knew they would or the careless public?

Anonymous said...

It is all about presentation and even with a honest message if she can present is properly, it is a lost message

Lynn Anderson said... public comment was allowed. When this commission wants to take $40 mil of our money, the city gthen tries to shut up the public?...has a non-comment workshop.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Lake Worth voters disagree with you and re-elected Mayor Pam and commissioners Maxwell and Amoroso. Your candidates lost in the landslide - why? - because the MAJORITY of VOTERS figured out who they trusted most... And that wasn't your light weight candidates with NO trackrecord of volunteering or participation in the Lake Worth communities...

So sad... Hey, we're still looking for Frank... And the other losers to contribute to the community... And still nothing, you malcontent simply don't show up, you choose instead to sit around and bitch instead of offering ANY SOLUTIONS!

So where is McVoy's or Maier's ideas? Where are Kayte McGiveron's ideas? They'd ain't got any!!!! That's what I think.

Lynn Anderson said...

Thanks, Mark, sheeple.
If you honestly believe what you just wrote, I have a bridge I will sell to you.

Anonymous said...

The MAJORITY of Lake Worth voters disagreed with paying for a roads bond. So why are mayor Pam and commissioners Maxwell and Amoroso trying to shove another one up our asses??How would you know if Mcvoy or Maier or Mcgiveron had any ideas???They haven't been allowed to put any forward !!! Ever since the last bond mayor Pam and Commissioners Maxwell and Amoroso have had their heads up their butts and have offered NO SOLUTIONS while our roads rotted !!! I guess Maxwell Amoroso and Mayor Pam have been too busy stuffing their fat faces, courtesy of the tax payers of lake Worth,to do one friggin thing to fix our roads in the last two years .Have another BEER Scott!!!

Ldub Voice said...

Mcvoy and Maeir are the minority. How can a commission properly represent the people when they themselves are divided? Im suprised no outside source has noticed this corruption happening and began a investigation. But on the other hand, Bronsteins salary at 145000 a year is a pretty decent chunk to buy off the right people

Anonymous said...

The residents are the boss and Katie is right, the Commission doesn't listen to us, they only listen to their friends and the developers who pay them at campaign time. On the other hand, some of Katie's message gets lost b/c of her harsh ways. She is passionate, as she should be, and her message is often correct. But lots of people turn off when the yelling starts.