Sunday, July 17, 2016

Religious Liberty

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Without religious liberty, all freedom is doomed. It was the very basis for the founding of this country. The issue is whether religious freedom – the very basis for the settling of America and the foundation for the republic in which we live – will have to take a permanent backseat to bogus “non-discrimination” laws. It’s just that simple, says WND.

Read about it... and how this writer feels about Mike Pence for not standing up for his convictions on the Religion Freedoms Restoration Act. Apparently he was a wimp in front of the Media and reversed course.

Where I draw the line is a religion with members who want to harm the rest of us...a small percentage, but over 15 million strong practicing Sharia throughout the world. 51% of Muslims living in the U.S. in 2015 told Polling Co. they preferred having “the choice of being governed according to Shariah,” or Islamic law. 60% of Muslim-Americans under 30 told Pew Research they’re more loyal to Islam than America. Source: Jihad Watch

Freedom of Religion is one thing but freedom to commit acts of terror against people in the world is another.


Anonymous said...

Extremism is extremism, no matter who is committing it.

Eric Rudolph.

Westboro Baptist Church.

James Kopp.

Paul Jennings Hill.

Scott Roeder.

Michael F. Griffin.

Peter James Knight.

Shelley Shannon.

Cheryl Sullenger.

Eric Everett Svelmoe.

The list is long and goes on.

Religious discrimination and bigotry is wrong, no matter who is doing it. No matter how justified people think it is. It's un-American and it's against our Constitution.

And, ironically, those who claim to be so American and love our Constitution the most are the ones who seem most willing to engage in it.

Lynn Anderson said...

Not sure about your list but I know the top four were anti-abortion or anti-gay. These people were individuals and not supported by the Christian church as Jihadists are in the Islam religion and Koran. The Westboro Babtist Church is not affiliated with the Baptist church and has 40 members. It is a hate group.

All people who have committed murder do not believe in our Constitution and they are punished to the full extent of our state laws as the 10th amendment guarantees the States the right to legislate in areas not reserved by the Federal government and they have the power to legislate in their "police powers," which includes health and safety.

The people you have cited are extremists and only dictated by their personal beliefs, not those of religion as are the Muslim terrorists.

Anonymous said...

All I know is I pray daily for an end to terrorism in the world and that all these terrorist convert to Christianity. I do not agree with this killing, but I do not agree with killing or aborting unborn babies or killing people in jail or the death penalty either, all killing is wrong. I pray daily for an end to abortion, the death penalty, and terrorism around the world.

Lynn Anderson said...

Thank you @1.49--all killing is wrong. When you're dealing with a religion that believes killing is alright in the name of Allah, that all infidels are game to kill, behead, etc., if you are gay, Christian or Jewish, it is difficult or impossible to not justify a policy to eradicate evil like this. Prayer is not cutting it, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I think that the point that the first commenter was trying to make is that every ideology has their extremists. All the people that they mentioned were Christian extremists who used their belief in Jesus Christ, the Bible and their faith to justify their actions (for fun, read Leviticus).

Religious liberty, the title of the post, is just that. It isn't religious liberty for Christians and not for Buddhists. Religious liberty for Jews and not for Muslims. The Constitution does not make that differentiation for a reason.

Islam has an extremist problem that the world has to contend with. But does that mean that the Muslim living down the street from you is a terrorist? Not any more than the Christian living up the block is going to bomb a Planned Parenthood clinic or murder a doctor that performs abortions.

No one but the extremists think that killing is an acceptable remedy for any problem. That's why they're called extremists and are not representative of an entire religion.

Lynn Anderson said...

Christianity does not preach murder and mayhem." That is the difference here. The Koran does.
When there are violent acts committed by white people who are probably Christian in name only, they are not doing it in the name of their religion. Muslims on the other hand do. The Muslim living down the street was a terrorist...we saw them on 9-11. The rest of them? Who knows if they believe in Sharia and their Koran. I would expect that the majority do and facts point that out.

And for "fun" I should read Leviticus? Gee, thanks. That is Old Testament and Christians don't follow that...they haven't followed that since Christ.

Anonymous said...

religious freedom---that the problem----freedom in your home --dont push that sh-- on us----i guess the catholic church uses that religious freedom to rape over a million children and thats only 2-6%that come forward

Dennis V. said...

It seems that many societal problems would be solved if no religion had any influence in the laws of the rest of society and religious teachings had to be kept behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

It's just possible that Communism may be a bigger threat to our security right now, than Islamism. If you think these street protests and police shootings are happening in a vacuum, that would be a mistake. The hardcore protesters get paid for demonstrating night after night. Who do you think pays them? Any hard core ideology, and Marxism is certainly hard core, is difficult if not impossible to eradicate.

Anonymous said...

all religions are the problem----should only be allowed in home---keep that sh--- to yourself----dont preach to us because we are sick of hearing about it