Saturday, July 23, 2016

Who are these Democrats? Hillary's America

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Be sure you don't miss this movie--you will learn a lot of history from this documentary and after seeing it, you will never vote for a Democrat again.


Anonymous said...

This is a fine example of crazy fiction, full of fabrications and exaggerations, signs of a despite right wing fanaticism that has lost touch with reality, and a poor student of history.

I'm a life long republican and I'm voting for Hillary and I'm loving her VP pick. Tim Kaine is good man with high morsl ethics, a life time of charitable service, humble demeanor, and public service. His character, formed by his Jesuit schooling and mission work speaks volumes about this man of faith. The people he represents genuinely like him, he's relatable and approachable, gets things done with bipartisan support and both the Black and Hispanic community love him

Lynn Anderson said...

I would suggest that you just see the movie.
Next, I am rather certain you are not a life long Republican...Kaine may have been taught by Jesuits but he is personally against abortion and the death penalty and has sometimes spoken against same-sex marriage and gay adoption, all of which aligns with Catholic teaching.

So, I am surprised that Hillary picked this man.

Anonymous said...

I watched a debate between Denesh and one of the "Young Turks". Even though I take great pride in knowing that the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln and has always stood on the side of the individual rights, it was stated that the parties switched round about the time of Lyndon Johnson. They said that before that, the Republicans were the "progressive" party and the Democrats were the "Conservative" party.

So Denesh is right about a larger percentage of Democrats voted against freeing the slaves, started the KKK and tried to stop the Civil Rights movement. Who can forget George Wallace?

What's your take?

Lynn Anderson said...

Don't know about that, @8:30. The movie pointed out that not one Republican even owned slaves and Democrats started the KKK as you say. If that is what you mean by "switching" roles as to whom was conservative or progressive, I will say that Lyndon Baines Johnson was about the worst president ever. He escalated the Viet Nam war and he was the first president to ROB social security to pay for it. It has been all down hill ever since. Republicans stand for the Constitution, always have. They stand for individual rights that all men are created equal. Democrats are now shaped by liberals and Marxists and condemn those who have worked hard and have achieved success.

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting take on why and how Democrats became the party of the people.

I am going to see the Clinton expose' but I didn't think Denesh won the debate. It was a very liberal crowd and he did get some good points across but I'd like to hear the rebuttal of the Chenk's assertions.