Sunday, July 24, 2016

Donald Trump's complete speech

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Anonymous said...

I liked what he said about restoring law and order in this country. I agree, I just want laws enforced. It is out of control. Like this morning, I went to the beach, dogs galore all over, all the signs say NO DOGS, yet they are there and no one enforces it. I have seen dog pout 4 times now right on the beach in the past two weeks, where are the police? It is sad too that our own citizens want to break so many laws. I saw a guy drinking a corona too out in open at 8:30am, incredible. There are never any police to enforce laws, but so many people just break laws. I want law and order restored. I want humane trafficking stopped and the illegal immigrant issue addressed, enforce laws to all illegals, stop human trafficking and clean up this country Donald. How are so many drugs allowed to get into this country? There is no law or order, no one enforcing laws, police overlook a lot, I hope Donald will make the police enforce all our laws!

Lynn Anderson said...

Who is going to build that wall?
I trust Trump to do what he says.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic speech. So strong, so good. People are afraid, many people are struggling. Enough with the bullshit. No more assassinations of police officers!!! We need strong leadership. Trump is it. On PBSO, I don't think we're getting our money's worth either. Where are they?? I did see a deputy at the beach like 5 years ago bellowing at a woman walking a tiny dog. He just reamed her. It was so outrageous, so uncalled for. It was the tiniest dog. She was walking it on the sidewalk across from NYPD. She probably didn't know you couldn't walk dogs there. So now anyone can bring any dog to the beach and let it run all over the place? Um....Ok.

Anonymous said...

So are you in favor of doubling the number of cops across America... Please... Of course it would be nice if every citizen followed the law and was courteous to their neighbors, but frankly I feel you are way out of touch of you think enforcement of all laws is even possible without huge increases in officers and the gigantic expense that goes along with that.

Take the sober home issue... Well if citizens didn't illegally take drugs then we would have no need for sober homes for druggies to dry out in... And on the topic of drugs, why is it that if someone overdoses on say, heroin, and they get transported to the hospital, why aren't the police pulling up right behind he ambulance to arrest their sorry ass because they are in possession of heroin - it's in their body, so why is that?

Just what part of 'law and order' are you wanting? Festooned Gestapo-like brown shirt types in spit polished black boots on every corner reminiscent of dark days of Hitler and book burnings.

I guess if they enforce ALL THE LAWS then FHP will be hiring to catch the 80% of drivers who speed. How about those who pollute and throw their trash on the street? How about the tax cheats and executives who work the loopholes to export jobs, profits and tax obligations?

'Enforce all our laws' you be dreaming.

Meanwhile, I think the cops have their hand full dealing with more serious crimes than having some guy drinking a cold beer on the beach, or having a couple of dogs on the beach.

Maybe not, but just how are you 'solution finders' going to fund the expense of doubling the number of law enforcement officers?

Lynn Anderson said...

Build the wall. Is that too simple? I would say further, listen to the Republican platform on keeping America Safe again.