Saturday, July 23, 2016

Virginia Supreme Court stops Felon voting scheme

I am really tired of liberals screaming obscenities at Rick Scott.  It is always one issue but they blow that up and make it out as if he is the worst person who ever came down the pike. What he's doing is trying to make Florida great.  He does need, however, to stop over-development (most of that is from local governments) and ensure that our environment remains pristine perfect.

Now we have good news and it's about time but it happened in Virginia.  It seems that governors make executive orders too, not just Obama.  This one was allowing hundreds of thousands of convicted felons the right to vote in this upcoming presidential election. It was said that most felons vote surprise.

The governor, Terry McAuliffe, and a friend of the Clintons, was sneaky about it as it could have been decided during the regular session but he waited until two days later to issue his order. Now he has to rescind all these voter registrations by August 25 per their Supreme Court that said it was unconstitutional.

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Anonymous said...

Mentioning Scott and 'ensuring our pristine environment' in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Scott is a colossal failure on many issues but none so grave as what he has done to our environment, especially his failure on the continued dumping and Polluting the water in Lake Okeechobee and water releases which now present us with toxic algae blooms and dead zones.

He's in the pocket of big agriculture, and doesn't care about the 20,000 jobs and family livelihoods that are in jeopardy as well as all the dead fish, but also killing our natural treasure especially the endangered and threatened, our beloved manatees and sea turtles along with porpoises.

We need to file suit against this great fraud and over developer, yes Scott once again is committing a heinous crime and this time the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches along with the Ft Myers and Sarasota are are left holding the bag of ecological disaster and many a families financial ruin that Scott has encouraged by his vetoing of funds to help re-establish the flow of water south to the Everglades as God intended.

We need to impeach Scott.