Saturday, July 16, 2016

Attempted coup in Turkey

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Some in the military wanted a democracy and a secular country.  Turkish president Erdogan, has cracked down on free press, etc. Those in the coup are worried about his leanings toward a more Islamic society.

Reports are out now that it failed because the military could not keep President Recep Erdogan out of the picture. He regained control as soon as he flew back to Turkey and had the support of his senior military advisers. And it failed because there was little political support or public backing.

Last night Bill O'Reilly said, "this is what happens when the United States steps back and tries to become one nation of many, and doesn't lead."

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Lynn Anderson said...

To the person who just attempted to post here saying how "unbelievable" I am because I didn't write about those mowed down in Nice--
You can't write about everything. Nice has been on the news for days. What could I add that would be different? It was done by a mentally sick SOB. Turkey is an entirely different matter.

So, what is your REAL gripe?