Friday, July 15, 2016

Overdevelopment in Palm Beach County

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Anonymous said...

Lynn, thank you. That was beautiful. I had no idea that Jess Santamaria was a developer too. It shows you not all developers have to be bad. It just seems that is the only kind we have now. And I agree totally: How can they keep getting away with this stuff that is clearly illegal as well as immoral? And as Drew Martin has defined clearly: the more land that goes into development and away from the Ag reserve, the more problems we are going to have with no place for storm water runoff and flooding. Already a big problem in Miami and starting its way up here. (We are slightly higher in elevation, we're next.) Ask yourself realistically where all our rain and hurricane water is going to go if 90% of it is falling on concrete instead of porous earth as God and nature has intended from time immemorial. How important is the almighty "increased tax base" going to be if we are under water a good part of the year?

Anonymous said...

We need to elect all new commissioners at the county level. Go Drew Martin.

Anonymous said...

It's a big county. I'm for Drew, but most people have probably never heard of him.