Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Florida League of Cities Annual Conference

The Florida League of Cities is having its 90th Annual conference and the city commission will be voting for a delegate to attend.  At least it's in state. Normally, Scott Maxwell is the delegate and he will get to network with other Leaguers at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida if he is chosen at tonight's city commission meeting. Not too shabby.

Registration is $525, hotel is $182 a night and there is a charge for parking or valet. 

The tentative topics are:
Workshop Topics
They are planning a variety of informative workshops to provide the tools to help
your city navigate the current economic, technological and political landscape. The specific
workshop schedule will be posted to our website as soon as it is available, so check for
updates! Topics being considered include:

▶ Advocacy: How to Meet with Your Legislators
▶ Challenges of Addressing Mental Health Issues for Cities
▶ Preparing the Next Generation of Public Servants
▶ Rough Waters or Smooth Sailing: What’s Ahead for Municipalities
in Implementing 2016 Water Bill
▶ Florida Constitutional Revision Commission: What Cities Need to Know
▶ How Autonomous Vehicles Could Transform Cities
▶ Media Training for City Officials
▶ NASA Tech Transfer Program
▶ Public Records
▶ Resilient Redesign: Sustainability for Cities in Flood Areas
▶ The Sharing Economy
▶ Village Square
▶ Working with Your City Attorney

Listening to those they serve. That means treating everyone's opinion with respect.

This majority commission wants three year terms.  They don't want to entertain the possibility of giving up all those free lunches and perks earlier than necessary.  It's such a drag to get out there and campaign. And they want to ensure themselves more time in office in order to dream up ways to tax you.

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Anonymous said...

What a sick system we have.Wonder which one of our three little pigs will get to slurp at the public trough? Pammy Pig? Scotty Pig? Andy Pig?