Thursday, July 28, 2016

"I'm an average person who doesn't give a crap"

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The Lake Worth Herald's latest sarcasm--ill mannered and certainly not subtle.

There is a lot of work presented in the Budget...a lot of crunching numbers to get the best bang for your buck. Every department contributes and spends untold amounts of time to try and make their departments as efficient as possible within constraints, estimating the revenue and expenses over a specified future period of time. That's the tricky part. The department head who estimates it correctly really has a handle on it.

If people don't care about being "Walking Wallets," a term Peter Timm always used, then that is their own fault when crap happens. And even if you did have a question it doesn't mean you would get a satisfactory answer or an answer at all.

During workshops on the budget, residents aren't allowed to ask a question. The second budget meeting was short and sweet because no one really understood a damn thing presented and supposedly it was an update from a consensus at workshop number one.

But this news editor, from where he sits and who is a buddy of the Trio and city manager, delights in putting down the people--keeping the people ignorant is A-OK--all two of us. He mocks Commissioner McVoy for making a statement or asking a question. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's the problem, not enough people ask questions.

Anonymous said...

maybe if we act like this[editor ???] aint there he will go back to his hole.taking his omly news stand with him

Anonymous said...

It's useless to ask questions in this town -you just get told to sit down and shut up.The common,unifying string with the trio,city manager and their puppet Bird -Brain is alcohol, too much of it.