Thursday, July 28, 2016

Democrats - The Ugly Truth

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If I were a new immigrant to America, I would throw up my hands in despair after watching the political conventions.  Politics is all a bunch of crap and the average guy says he is so proud to be an American after watching the hoopla, the personal attacks, the lies and all the bull.  Who do you trust? At this point it would be a non-politician not a known liar.

On Monday night, Michelle Obama mentioned "birth certificates" while endorsing Hillary Clinton. Last night Obama did the same.  This issue must be a definite craw in their sides and that is why I am bringing it up.

Did you know that it was Hillary who first questioned where Obama was born?  She began "the whole birther controversy by questioning Obama’s eligibility during the hotly contested 2008 Democratic race against Obama. It’s not just Obama’s birth certificate that’s in doubt, but he also mysteriously has a Connecticut-based Social Security Number, when neither of his parents ever lived in the Constitution State."

Read the whole ugly mess and those at the Democratic convention who make it all uglier. Obama's approval rating is up 5 points since January to 52%. Obama politicizes tragedies and has divided the nation. All they can do is take Trump down, someone who speaks the truth over Hillary who compromised our security. Obama is and always has been a convincing speaker--so is Michelle--and we minions go wild. And in the words of Joe Biden, "Give me a break."

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Lynn Anderson said...

And as all the Democrats went wild last night, Obama, in many respects, sounded like a Republican! It can't get much screwier than that.