Saturday, July 30, 2016

John Prince Park Expansion Phase 1

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The State's largest dog park is underway and yesterday was the official groundbreaking ceremony.

This phase is expected to be completed in early 2017. It will have
  • 5 enclosed landscaped dog areas on 4 acres
  • 5 gazebos with benches
  • drinking fountains for humans and dogs
  • dog wash areas
  • doggie bag stations
  • trash receptacles
  • 6 foot wide asphalt and concrete circular pathways
  • bike/pedestrian trails
  • 42 regular parking spaces with 4 ADA parking spaces
At the top of the rendering will be the new cricket field.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait. I have two dogs and they will love this. Luckily they are the same size so I won't have to worry about separating them.

Anonymous said...

This will be a great asset for our area! We are very excited to FINALLY be getting what we were promised in John prince park.Katie Mcgiveron

sydarm said...

This is fantastic! Ergo hiking in areas where dogs are prohibited, but people still bring their dogs because we've lacked a park like this. This will draw attention to the park as THIS is what so many people are looking for! Bravo!