Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WJNO Cheat Sheet Part 2

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"In 2010 Lake Worth's annual budget for road repairs stood at $1 million. 

In 2015 the budget for road repairs had been cut in half (to just over $500k) and reports demonstrate that only about $200,000 was actually used for road repairs last year. Additionally, the budget for 2016-2017 only budgets $583,000 for road repairs. I can make this complicated but it doesn't need to be. Since 2010 Lake Worth's revenues are substantially higher. The city has indicated that road repairs/repaving is a critical need. Thus the budget in recent years has been cut and the budget for next year is 42% lower than it was in 2010 and the city says it needs an additional $40 million in debt that will cost property owners $3000 per $150,000 of taxable value. 

I call shenanigans. Could it be that the city is deliberately attempting to make residents "feel the pain" of inadequate road repairs in order to get their $40 million infusion of cash that they can control? I can't prove it so I have to leave it as an open ended question but the underlying facts are more than suspicious.  

Whether it's Lake Worth or Palm Beach County, we don't have a revenue problem. We have a leadership problem.

Vote no on the 1% Proposed sales tax for Palm Beach County and against the $40 million bond issue in Lake Worth. It's time we take our local government's back. Remember, they work for us... Not the other way around.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we keep telling them that we are their bosses but they scoff at that and voters vote them back in.

Anonymous said...

Well we finally get an amount we'd have to pay...... $3,000 for a property valuation of $150,000 taxable.

Now.... is that $3,000 per year? $3,000 over 30 years?

If we bumped our annual road fund back up to $1 million, it would take 40 years to go over all the roads that need work and we need massive work right now! These have been neglected too long already.

Yes, we need our roads fixed. Yes it is going to cost money. Lots of it. They are in piss poor condition. If you don't think bad roads keep our property values down, then cause and effect isn't your strong suit.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't we hearing anything from the 2 Commissioners "M" right now?
How great if we had the 2 "M"s coming up with a compromise or an agreement on the solution to the roads??
Or their own, different plan.
They work for us, right?
If we aren't happy with the bond, then McVoy and Maier should be coming up with something else that works.
Am starting to think they are not doing their jobs either.

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:04
The voters vote them back in....don't you get it?

Lynn Anderson said...

The two commissioners asked questions. One did not support the referendum going on the ballot which was already decided by Bornstein and the trio. So, what do you want them to do? This is the way it is--on the November ballot, no details, no discussion, no nada.
How can anyone do their job when no one listens and no one gives a damn when you're in the minority?

Anonymous said...

What are "the two M's " supposed to do when they are not allowed to speak at a Commission meeting? Have you ever been to or listened to the BS that spews from Triolo,Maxwell and Amoroso anytime "the two M's " try to even speak?it's time to start drug testing this Commission before and AFTER the breaks during a meeting.

Anonymous said...

Well we finally get an amount we'd have to pay...... $3,000 for a property valuation of $150,000 taxable.

Where are you getting that information from? I couldn't find anything on the City web site regarding numbers except the $40 million number.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good numbers in this post, but it doesn't really come off as facts because of the language choices.

I expect that we likely need to invest way more in our roads and infrastructure than even the $1 million that was budgeted in 2010. And, I do understand why the amount has been lower, because our overall tax collection pre and post recessions is still lower. Just looking at the last 4 years of tax collection isn't sufficient, our town is still struggling post recession, he would really need to go back to pre recession numbers for this to work for me.