Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Assistant clerk and Lake Worth's Budget

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Melissa Coyne

I met Melissa at the budget meeting of July 26. She will be assisting our city clerk, Pamela Lopez.

The Budget was interesting in the effect that it was a follow-up on the first budget meeting where city staff presented their wish list that consisted of expenditures of $842,585 more than the proposed budget. The total operating budget is now $32,804,532.

Reserves dropped at the end of 2015 by $921,194 to $4,043,984. it was stated that a safe and comfortable reserve would be around $4.5 million.

Capital equipment purchases amount to $414,000. And with the new chipper costing $39,000, commissioner Amoroso said that residents are always looking for mulch and perhaps it can be dumped up by the ballfield.

We will be getting two additional sheriff deputies for $246,800. Cpt. Baer did say that two were needed at our beach.

It was mentioned that all of the items they discussed were approved at the last budget meeting by consensus. I thought expenses had to be actually voted on at public meeting and up for discussion.


Anonymous said...

Just more total corruption in corruption county. The criminals,sorry, COMMISSIONERS, in all of our municipalities are getting so bold that they don't even try to hide it any more.
Look at what is being shoved thru on consent agendas. Our own City Manager and Mayor Pam Triolo ,Commissioner Scott Maxwell and Commissioner Andy Amoroso think it's perfectly OK to put a 40,000,000 30 year tax burden on the consent agenda!
The elected officials of Palm Beach County are one corrupt,incestuous group holding fund raisers for each other and meeting out of the sunshine with out of state interests, Like the Braves Baseball Billionaires. They no longer communicate with their citizens, they just schmooze among themselves.

Lynn Anderson said...

When this final budget comes up for approval, no one will remember what was said and what was added. This was one confusing budget meeting. You couldn't even read the back-up. Instead of printing it landscape, they printed it portrait. UNREADABLE.