Friday, July 15, 2016

Reply to Lake Worth City Manager from Katie McGiveron

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Who's the boss--continuation.  And the Post reporter never interviewed Ms. McGiveron or got her statement. She never received a call.

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From the article by Mr. Thompson:

Bornstein told The Post that McGiveron is misguided.

“She has genuine concerns, but she’s not an elected official,” he said. “She has stated she wants to be involved on the level my mayor and commissioners are involved, but if she wants to be engaged at that level, she needs to run for office.”

Mr. Bornstein, let me make something perfectly clear. I DO NOT want to be involved at the level of the Mayor and Commissioners. I AM involved as a RESIDENT. A CITIZEN of Lake Worth. And I am ABOVE the Mayor and Commissioners. They answer to me. I and the rest of the residents ARE THEIR BOSSES. Any employee that does not understand this, including you, needs to resign or be replaced.

Kathleen Mcgiveron


Anonymous said...

Two years of stubborn ,absolute and quite frankly puzzling silence from the Commission as the roads in Lake Worth rotted.Then a workshop where no public comment was allowed and an 8,000 dollar useless 200 person "survey" was unveiled as an excuse to throw a 50,000,000 bond on the November ballot. Mcvoy wanted to hear from the people. City Manager Bornstein called him "politically naive". Mayor Pam Triolo called Mcvoy's suggestion "political who ha". Commissioner Scot Maxwell stated that "if the public wants to participate they can go vote for or against this at the ballot".Mcgiveron was right to start shouting.More citizens should join her. What's happening in Lake Worth isn't representation. It's tyranny.

Anonymous said...

good for you Katie what these rags are printing makes you wonder if the trio is supporting them with tax money will help to stop the bond

Lynn Anderson said...

People are in support of fixing our roads. What the people deserve are all the particulars--we are NOT getting this at all. It's on the CONSENT AGENDA and unless pulled, gets zero discussion. This is revolting that our elected reps are pulling this. They do not care what the public thinks nor do they want to inform them.

They are counting on the sheer disgust of the residents here with all the lousy roads that they have neglected over the past several years allotting barely anything for maintenance. Pathetic.

You don't take $40 million of the taxpayer's money and tell them to shut the hell up. Lake Worth does, though. It is amazing.

Anonymous said...

The city manager is as misguided as he is evil. Watch out lw! Whatch out!

Weetha Peebull said...

"Fidelity to the rule of law is the centerpiece
of a free society. It means that no one is
beneath the protection of the law and no one
is absolved of the obligation to comply with it.
The government may not make a person or a class
of persons exempt from constitutional protections,
as it did during slavery, nor may it make government
officials exempt from complying with the law, as it
does today." - Judge Napolitano

Anonymous said...

At least they paid less for this new bunch of propaganda. Which is also totally useless. And they wonder why we don't just fall in line and pony up with open wallets? Would you sign a mortgage sight unseen? Aw, c'mon the city asked you to. Play nice. We want you to pay for a stadium for the Braves and we just don't want to be crass and state it that way. Trust us, it's good for us. Honest Injun. You know it's true because our developers say so. And it's just much better if you don't have much say. It's just being efficient. Look at it this way. We need money. And we want you to pay. Period. Don't ask banchie questions like what for, at what rate, and what cap, and how designated. Don't bother with details. It's good for you. You'll love the Braves. Honest!!

Lynn Anderson said...

By hiring Laura Tingo as communications Director, they will be paying more in salary plus benefits. She will be used to push the bond through, push 3 year terms through and all sorts of other nonsense. She will be their biggest BS tool. :)

Anonymous said...

Katie has great passion and I often agree with what she is saying (or shouting). City elected officials should be responsive to all residents not just their friends or contributors. However, sometimes it is hard for people to listen when being shouted at. Katie should do whatever she wants, but I'm not sure people always listen b/c she speaks so loudly and so often loudly.

Lynn Anderson said...

She has the guts to speak out. Personally, I think she is being assertive to get her point across, not loud. She needs to be as effective as she can in 2 minutes. We listen to these electeds all year long--we get 2 minutes...if we're lucky. During this workshop meeting, NO one from the public could speak.