Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Candidates get Candid

Last night was the South Palm Park Candidate Forum at The Breach Club. The room was packed with people and three candidate's t-shirts were spotted: McVoy's, Robinson's and Polizzi's.

Candidates were asked to give their top five priorities. I will name the first one or two that they mentioned:
Omari Hardy: Crime/Roads
William Joseph: Safety
Herman Robinson: Sober Homes/Intralocal Partnerships
Maryann Polizzi: Sober Homes/Crime
Ellie Whittey: Money/Pool
Christopher McVoy: Sober Homes/Crime

They all were asked to rate the present city commission
Ellie Whittey: C
Herman Robinson: B+
Maryann Polizzi: B+
Christopher McVoy: C+
Omari Hardy: C
William Joseph: C

Every candidate indicated that they wanted to save our pool.
  • Christopher McVoy said, "It's an amenity...find the money. The commission [Trio] voted down the financing."
  • Herman Robinson wondered if it was spending "good money after bad but it was an amenity that we deserved."
  • Maryann Pollizzi stated that the pool  hours should not be relegated to only "29 hours a week...look at the budget...it should be opened...a fabulous pool."
  • Omari Hardy said that you can't "tinker with the parking rates" to raise revenue
  • Ellie Whittey said it was a "vibrant part of our community."
  • William Joseph said "get a budget."


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that at least they say they want our pool. Who can believe some of them? And Omari, of course you can raise parking rates. 25 cents won't kill anyone and it would have put us in the black in our beach fund. The pool absolutely needs a budget. Take care of our stuff.

laurence said...

Now that they have $40 million for the roads, they can divert funds from road maintenance to restoration of the pool and baths and lockers.
Greater Bay got over $400,000 for pool rehab less than 10 years ago but were poorly supervised and paid without a careful inspection.

Let's fix and enhance this great asset and maintain public control and make Lake Worth great again.

Anonymous said...

thought the forum went well I think some of them were very generous grading the commission didn't understand the statement from the question reader bout 95 coming thru the city in the 60s I came here in 79 and the missing link was still here all the freeway hurt little cities but most of them thought out of the box and went forward we try so hard to be like other cities that it hurts we are not delray and will never be like key west lets stop the bickering and go forward

Anonymous said...

The pool belongs to the people of Lake Worth. Not Commissioner Maxwell. Not city manager Mike Bornstein.It belongs to US. This city runs on the money WE GIVE IT. If we tell them to fix our pool they damn well better. The public should have been involved in the process of pool upkeep. Instead ,this pool has not been maintained properly.And despite the sounds of outrage and denial coming from the city manager, this neglect has been well orchestrated to ultimately close our pool forever.It's time we took the pool away from the city and formed a citizens panel to make sure that the funds needed to repair,maintain and staff our pool full time are put in place and STAY IN PLACE! It's our tax money and our pool.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Herman mentioned interlocal partnerships several times. Is he still of the mindset to get Hudson holdings involved in our beach property? He took campaign contributions from some of their affiliations, didn't he? Don't trust this guy especially as Scott is behind him. Someone should ask Herman the definition of interlocal partnerships.

Anonymous said...

Maxwell is behind Hardi and Robinson. They are his puppets. He thinks he is Mr Big shot and his game is now over. Everyone knows it, except him.

Anonymous said...

Divert funds? Excuse me sir we voted for the bond to repair the roads, not the pool, not the golf course, not the gym, the roads, got it Mr.?

Anonymous said...

Someone SHOULD ask Herman the definition of interlocal partnerships