Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fun and Games in Lake Worth - Prostitution Sting

Read about it...11 women rounded up. We can't, however, get the gang bangers or the shooters off the streets.

Why are we having so much of this going on in Lake Worth? Addicts looking for a fix. Sober Homes attracting addicts and the circle continues.

Commissioner McVoy and candidate Maryann Polizzi are making Sober homes and crime a priority focus.


Anonymous said...

It's everywhere, Boynton, WPB, Delray and it's been like this fir many years. What's Chris done about crime since he's been on the job?

Lynn Anderson said...

Commissioner McVoy is a minority commissioner. The better question would be, why isn't the Trio addressing crime in our neighborhoods? Why are their heads in the sand. At least McVoy has recently said at a candidate forum that he believes the PBSO could do better. Have you ever heard Maxwell, Triolo or Amoroso even suggesting that? And Omari wants to hire 15 more deputies atg a cost we can't afford.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell would want to come and live here or retire her or stay here in their retirement in Lake Worth? We are selling our house and moving out of the city as soon as we can. We have renters and absentee landlords on both sides of us, in front of us and behind us, these renters could give a damn or have any consideration for their neighbors. Dogs barking all day, no one mows their lawn, saws and drills at 11pm, renters do not care, and we have too many of them. We are moving out, this city is for slumlords and renters who do not care about anyone else. Who in their right mind would want to stay living here? Codes do nothing, no one does anything! We are so over it!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are able to sell it. But where will you go? That is the question. Since the housing market crash in 08, things are like this all over.