Monday, February 20, 2017

Saudi Arabia praises Trump; warms up to Israel

Trump is already making inroads in the Middle East, a hot bed of insanity and brutality. Saudi Arabia says that Iran is the biggest threat to the Middle East and is warming up to Trump who believes the same thing. Saudi Arabia also says it wants to solve Arab/Israeli relations.

The problem is, Saudi Arabia will always be under Sharia law. We have a toxic relationship with them. They behead people and women have to be completely covered from head to toe. They have little regard for western culture or human rights in general. The Saudi government has always denied that it has any connection either with Islamic State or with Al Qaeda and we're supposed to believe it. They try to tell us that they are the good guys.

Obama destroyed much of our relations with the Saudis during his 8 years in office and openly questioned Saudi Arabia's value as an ally, accusing it of provoking sectarian conflict in the region. I, too, question it.

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Anonymous said...

The Saudi Royal Family, (of which there are about 6 thousand princes) are beholden to the Wabahists to maintain their power. Let their women complain about living conditions, which by the way, are gradually improving, and should not be an area for our concern. We have our own issues. If they want to help with the Mid-East Peace Process, let Bebe worry about their human rights. I think it's a good thing all around. An interesting, and very readable book on the beginning of the whole thing, "Oil, God, and Gold" would go a long way toward an increased understanding of the region.