Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mulligans tries to shift responsibility for Grease Trap spill

Page 1 news is now on page 9 of the Palm Beach Post--

Whose responsibility is it to pay for the clean-up?

"Restaurant says it will share costs of grease spill cleanup"

Mulligans says it is partly the city's fault because of the ballroom upstairs. Just one problem--that little kitchen is only a prep facility--they don't fry food. Mulligans says it is the city's responsibility per their lease to maintain the grease traps. Normally I would think there is probably something to that as the city maintains NOTHING. However, under a typical Repair and Maintenance section of our restaurant merchants' leases, it is the tenant's responsibility to maintain and repair grease traps. It would be hard to imagine that Mulligans was given an exception.  City Manager Bornstein says maintaining the grease traps is a condition of their permit.


Anonymous said...

When I read that I almost fell out of my chair. They run a high volume restaurant where almost everything is deep fat fried. All the grease goes into the grease trap. When it gets full of grease, and they don't pump it out regularly, the grease overflows into the outlet pipe to the main sewer which is where the clog was found.

If there is any grease in the outlet pipe, that means they have not been maintaining (pumping) the grease trap.

If the city had fifty parties catered upstairs, they would still have no responsibility. The caterer takes their equipment back to their kitchens to clean-up.

Hope the city doesn't fall for this one.

Anonymous said...

3 day story for this Podunk town. Sad!

Anonymous said...

You sound guilty at 7:52pm Mulligans should clean up or get out. Grease fried food is over rated. A cover up for old and bad cooking.