Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Lake Worth Pool

There are still plenty of us in Lake Worth

Tuesday night the city will be talking, once again, about our it doesn't pay for itself. We've been hearing this ever since Mike Bornstein was hired. The city wants this amenity and our entire beach complex to be a commercial enterprise. They don't consider it an amenity. In fact, City Manager Bornstein considers it a "white elephant." It's all about dollars and cents and they spend little dollars and cents on repairs.

There will be a presentation by McAllister, a pool consultant, who says our pool should be closed. Of course, he also wants to be involved in anything the city might consider from his proposals. He has concluded that the following must be done to our pool:

Pool and Wading Pool Needs Cost Estimate

• Main drain sump boxes and 4” drain lines clearing and compliance to VGB $ 10,000
• Remove failing marcite coating and epoxy paint from both pools and re-marcite $ 150,000
• Discover and repair leak in main drain line in the wading pool and repair. $ 5,000
• Replace all lane line and trim ceramic tiles in both pools $ 12,000
• Cut channels in stress fractures fill with hydraulic cement and finish with marcite$ 3,000
• Pull up deck pavers every 5’ along the perimeter of the northeast sides of the 50-meter pool for the length of both 25-yard and 50-meter and sound check on original deck for voids from pool leak erosion. Discover voids and back fill voids and replace pavers as needed to finish. Allowance $ 20,000
Sub-Total $ 200,000

If the city wants to do everything McAllister recommends, it could  be a price tag of  $4,612,500.

SUMMARY: The Aquatic Facility Assessment presentation provides detailed information regarding necessary repairs and renovations needed for the safe operation of the municipal pool, pool bathhouse and pump room. Staff was directed at the August 8, 2016 Budget Workshop, to bring back a report on the pool for the Commission to review.

Just one slight problem with this Summary: There was no budget Workshop held on August 8 so that is probably just a typo. But there was one on August 9 and according to the Minutes from the August 9, 2016 Budget meeting, no one told the city manager to hire a consultant to do a report.  My question would be, have any repairs been done in the last six months when the commission asked that it be brought back?


Anonymous said...

Scott Maxwell hates the pool and wants it destroyed. He telegraphs this to his henchman, Bornstein.
Bornstein goes out and finds a company that will give Maxwell the outcome that he wants for our pool.
A company that wants to profit from destroying our pool puts forward a report saying it needs to be destroyed.
Only in Lake Worth. You guys re-elected the pig.And like Obama was fond of saying,elections have consequences.

Vinnie said...

Maxwell's and Bornstein's fox guarding the hen house is being given air time at tomorrow night's Commission meeting.

The conflict of interest is so apparent as to be unbelievable.

We citizens are supposed to swallow this new Peter Willard's "study" and "estimate" (hold-up).

Come to the meeting and call out the 3 charlatans.

Anonymous said...

Just fix the damn pool

Anonymous said...

Shut it down and build another one smaller with amenities for kiddies on the mainland so people don't have to pay out the kazoo to park and pay to go to the pool. Put the new one next to the little used space South of the pump station in Bryant Park and take the space occupied by the pool and make it two tiered parking for the beach and our tenants at the casino complex adding 200 spaces.

It is a win/win. We get to keep a pool with extra amenities, we get more parking at the beach which actually MAKES money, our tenants there now and the empty space yet to be rented have easier access for customers and more people can walk, ride their bikes or drive and park for free to go to our new pool.

The original pool was salt water and was for people who wanted to swim but didn't want the waves, sand, tar, jelly fish or fish picking at their feet.

Grumpys cats Best Friend said...

Has no one in City government ever heard of "preventive maintenance"

Mike said...


We're Commissioners. If we had known we were going to have to oversee maintenance we wouldn't have run for office.

We'll go to the taxpayers and make them pay for new construction rather than get our hands dirty with maintenance.

Shut up and get back to work so you can pay for another tax increase.

Anonymous said...

I would assume this is why there is going to be a meeting. To figure out the best way to solve these problems.

Lynn Anderson said...

We already know what the problem is--lack of maintenance and no money in the CIP for improvements for the pool. It is neglect, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

It is having ANYTHING one the ocean. It gets eaten up with salt. The building is crumbling and the pool has shifted. Hope we get a new fresh water swim and play complex on the mainland.

Lynn Anderson said...

We'll send you the bill, anonymous @ 5:04