Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Neighborhood Associations ARE Political

As much as they like to tell us that they are a forum for neighbors to share information, concerns and ideas about creating a family friendly community with a voice in Lake Worth, they all deny that they are political. We know better. In some respects, they have dangerous and influential leaders to indoctrinate the residents.

The only Neighborhood Associations that are not political are ROLO and Murry Hills. The Rest of them forget about it. Even the NAPC is politically charged...just take a look at its Board of Directors with Mary Lindsey now an exception and someone who does a hell of a great job for our city.

This notice below is to show you just what I'm talking about. The president of this newly formed neighborhood association, Sam Goodstein, is also affiliated with a current candidate's campaign acting as  Treasurer. He is the President of the Lake Worth Democratic Club.

And all these people are incensed about anarchists in our city (I only know one) but then they turn around and protest against our president or anyone with a different or conservative view.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if all Candidates were invited or just Herman?
Herman is also Vice President of Bryant Park.
I think they have a forum soon with him, Whittey and Polizzi.

Anonymous said...

This city and NA do nothing, the county neither. All I know is I am moving out of Lake Worth. I live in Mango Grove NA, almost the entire area is renters, hardly anyone owns and live in their house, this whole city is absentee landlords who rent and don't care what their renters do to torment the owners here. The people in front of me and to both sides of me and behind me all rent, one house leaves their dog 8-10 hours a day home to bark and cry all day long in the house, the other never mows his lawn or keep us his property, sawing and drilling until 11pm sometimes, none of these renters care here in this city, they are all so inconsiderate. I am fed up and want to sell and move out of Lake Worth for good, it is all renters. I am tired of living among all these losers. It is hard, won't stay here or retire here in this city. Fed up with renters and no one caring, who wants to live like this here?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should call Peggy Adams about the dog crying all day. That should be monitored. Before I moved to Lake Worth, there was a dog barking on M Street. The neighbor put a note on the door to ask them to keep the dog from barking. When the home was sold and renovated, the dog was found dead in the attic. The neighbors didn't hear it barking anymore. They didn't stop to think it might be an abused animal. Unfortunately, this is a true story. There are laws about abused and neglected animals!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Lynn. I don't see that flyer as advocating for any one candidate or issue. Getting your neighbors involved is what NA's are all about and that includes getting them out to vote.

Encouraging your neighbors to vote is now considered being "political"?


Lynn Anderson said...

@4:58...agreed, the flyer did not advocate for anyone. You have to comprehend all of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Our neighborhoods have a lot of problems, especially with so many renters who are super inconsiderate. The 10 hour a day barking dog problem locked inside all alone is one thing, but this same property is a house turned into two apartments, both rented out to renters with an absentee landlord who lives in Hawaii. What is sad about the situation is that she has this property homesteaded and has not lived in it in 5+ years, cheating the city of more tax dollars and then the citizens have to put up with these inconsiderate renters, then you wonder why there is white flight and all move out of this city and it is like 90% rental now. This property is at 504 5th Ave N here in Lake Worth, I wish the authorities would do something about the dog and the cheating homeowner who rents her house out and lives in Hawaii yet has homestead exemption on the place, it all seems so UNFAIR! Is there anything you can do about it Lynn?

Anonymous said...

There is a hotline to call to report people unlawfully claiming the Homestead exemption. It is up to neighbors to call. The state can't know everything. Make the call.

Lynn Anderson said...

Do you have the number?

Lazyland said...

All candidates were notified, everyone from district 2 came, only HR from 4, and when formally recognized and given time to speak it took up such a large part of the meeting that it made the discussion of what political issues mattered most in my neighborhood very limited.

NA's are as political as the active members choose to make them. I wanted a discussion that would bring out how active our members want to be. We are working to prove useful to our area. As you well know, Lynn, I have plenty of political action in my life, and don't need this NA as a vehicle for that! I believe Katie when she works for the good of her neighborhood. Can't you believe I can do the same?

Please join us and lend us your experience in how to build a good and responsive NA.

Sam Goodstein

Lynn Anderson said...

Sam, thanks for your comment. Actually, I do believe you work hard at improving things in Lake Worth especially the library as well as your neighborhood. I was simply pointing out how entrenched you are in local politics.

As a leader in various areas, your voice is heard and believed by many especially those who don't get out to commission meetings or are clueless as to what is going on. If they have a question, many probably go to you as their NA president for the answer. If you personally are behind the campaign of someone, your answers can be influential and persuasive. That is simply my point. And through the years, I believe that the NA's have become way too political and too dominant.
You hosted a candidate forum while backing and being a campaign treasurer for one of the candidates. This is consequential, forceful and important.