Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The last Candidate Forum? - We can only hope

Bryant Park had its 2nd candidate forum last night at The Beach Club. This was for the candidates in District 4. The President of the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association showed his bias and prejudice by announcing in the beginning that he was a good friend of one of the candidates [Herman Robinson] and that Ben Ellis was going to be the moderator for the forum.

It was sparsely attended and if it were not for others in the community there to listen and support their candidates, the meeting would have been a bust. Most people have already made up their minds as to whom they want as commissioner District 4.

One question was on illegals in our city and if the city should cooperate with ICE. This was of particular interest to me as our city is inundated with immigrants who have crossed the border illegally and now reside in our city. 
Ellie Whittey:  Yes.
Maryann Polizzi:  Yes. We can't go against a national law.
Herman Robinson:  We are a Sanctuary City. If the illegal hasn't committed a crime, he should be allowed to stay.

All in all, I thought all of the candidates did a good job. The one startling comment was from Herman Robinson who said he would like to see the Bamboo Room open again as a nightclub.  The Bamboo Room is now occupied by Common Ground Church that is in the process of buying the property. Don't we have enough nightclubs in this city? Don't we have enough boozers? Robinson is endorsed by two of the Trio, Scott Maxwell and Andy Amoroso, with Amoroso opposed to the church.


Anonymous said...

Darrin Engle should have kept his mouth shut. In so many words he was telling the crowd to support Robinson.

Anonymous said...

Politics sucks.It's not just this town.Phony Scott endorsing Herman.That's funny.herman voted for upzoning for the Gulfstream against the vote.

George said...

Palm Beach is a sanctuary county. Sheriff Bradshaw said he would not cooperate with ICE several years ago.

The candidates all acted as if we had our own police force and had sanctuary city status, which we do not.

Sheriff Bradshaw is looking for reimbursement for expenses related to our president's visits so I believe he will change his policy soon.

And, yes for Darrin Engle to open the meeting with a statement he supported the good old boys candidate Robinson was absurdly inappropriate and for someone else to fact check the statements of the candidates was equally ridiculous.

George said...

To allay any confusion:

All cities in Palm Beach County that employ the sheriff are sanctuary cities. Those that have their own police force determine their status independently.

Anonymous said...

I agree,inappropriate comment from Mr. Engle in the beginning.It was a well run forum other than that. I thought all of the candidates had their strong points. They all did well but I can only vote for one and I will be voting for Maryann.

Vinnie said...

Me too.

Herman is too aligned with the shady side of LW politics and paints himself as a community activist when he is part of the sleazy, corrupt in crowd.

His donations from associates of Hudson Holdings and his saying we have to spend a lot of money on the pool make him the suspect candidate.

Anonymous said...

Since Bradshaw has stated that Palm Beach County is not a sanctuary in no uncertain terms, it would mean that every city that employs them are also not sanctuaries either.

Lynn Anderson said...

Because Bradshaw has stated that, does not make it so.

Anonymous said...

Again,speaking of the PBSO, there was a huge article too in the South Florida Gay News Paper this past weekend about them targeting gay people who go for walks in John Prince Park, even telling them not to come there. How unfair that gays are still being targeted by cops here in 2017.

Read the article at: http://southfloridagaynews.com/Local/walking-while-gay-palm-beach-county-sheriff-s-office-targets-men-in-john-prince-park.html

It will not make you very happy about how PBSO is treating people, this could be anyone, this is not right, everyone has the right to go for a walk and enjoy nature. Stop treating gays or targeting people you think are gays as freaks PBSO! I do not think it is right to target or discriminate against gays this way, they have the right like any other human being to go for a walk in the park, period!

Anonymous said...

Lynn, Herman did not say that Lake Worth is a Sanctuary City. He said that he would not want to see families torn apart but that if an undocumented immigrant commits a crime in the city they need to be deported. Maryann said and repeated that she was torn on the subject but if they commit a crime they need to be deported. Ellie was the only one to staunchly say 'deport'.

Lynn Anderson said...

According to my notes, Herman said "We are a sanctuary city."
You are right on Maryann.
Ellie said that we should cooperate with ICE.

Anonymous said...

West of Dixie is a whole other world that our city and police avoid and do not address, they are not enforcing civil laws nor immigration laws here. We live in a very lawless city. We need ALL laws enforced and the police helping ICE clean up this city and get all people legal only living here and working and paying their fair share of taxes, period!

Anonymous said...

On whether we are a sanctuary city... there's only one jail system in Palm Beach County, and it's run by the sheriff. So all of Palm Beach County is a "sanctuary city."