Thursday, February 16, 2017

Christopher McVoy answers Constitutent on Sober Homes issue

There is a woman on Facebook, a non-supporter of Christopher McVoy, who said the following and used another blogger's videos who also supports McVoy's opponent:
"Mcvoy keeps escalating his claims about his involvement with sober home resolutions. Meanwhile, I can find nothing indicating he has had any involvement at all.
At the Bryant Park Forum he claimed to be active with sober home legislation. *
In his closing at the Playhouse he then claimed he “provided leadership on interdepartmental and inter agency cooperation” on sober homes (whatever that means). *
Because she doesn't know or understand the facts nor did she contact Commissioner McVoy to clarify his statements at the two forums, the following is a brief explanation submitted by his campaign that might set her mind at ease:

"It means that while other commissioners did nothing but wring their hands, the city attorney did nothing but make excuses for inaction, and city departments that could have worked together instead operated in silos, McVoy at least made PBCFR, PBSO, utility management, city attorney, city manager, William Waters, and Code Enforcement personnel meet together in the same room to establish a cohesive plan of action. Because of this meeting that he facilitated, these departments are now sharing information that will ensure that sober homes have rental/business licenses and the city knows where they are, and so does PBSO.

He is also pulling together a series of ordinances similar to those enacted in other cities [Click here] that will establish a moratorium on new sober homes.

Christopher is not afraid to stand up for residents, unlike our other commissioners who are MIA on this issue. McVoy does not call the Palm Beach Post every time he helps his constituents, or pat himself on the back in public meetings like some others do so often. He simply does his job."


Anonymous said...

Election time? Yep!

Anonymous said...

What a joke Lynn. If he is at a meeting he usually is late, that is if he decides to show up and ask question after question after question. Does he EVER read the back up? He needs to be GONE..... And we need NEW BLOOD.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynn for setting the record straight yet again!

Lynn Anderson said...

He's seldom ever late. He shows up right at starting time as he doesn't partake of the secret dinner meetings, out of the sunshine, behind closed doors.

What's the matter? Don't you want a commissioner asking the hard questions? Do you want them all to be a rubber stamp to Bornstein and the Trio?? Don't you want someone looking out for the interests of the residents first, not the developers?

Anonymous said...

at least we have one commissioner that knows how to read wish we had more like him ryan is good also and we are going to miss him

Anonymous said...

I just won't vote for incumbents, my rule, until we have term limits in this city, state, and country, I will never vote for any incumbents!

Anonymous said...

Every time that I have call Commissioner McVoy he has responded. When I have needed his help he has been there. He has never ever lied to me unlike the other three (Amoroso, Scott, and Triolo). He has always followed through with everything he has said and done. I will definitely vote for an honest person. The other 3 are just out for personal gains. The trio will still have their personal agenda's a pass whatever is good for them and the hell with the people of Lake Worth. Has anyone ever watched the city meetings. Their conduct is deplorable and not respectful to people who disagree with their hair brained ideas. What have they done about the uncontrollable drug problems in Lake Worth. NOTHING!