Wednesday, February 22, 2017

FL SB 10 - Water Resources in Everglades

SB 10: Water Resources


Water Resources; Providing an exception to the requirement that bonds issued for acquisition and improvement of land, water areas, and related property interests and resources be deposited into the Florida Forever Trust Fund and distributed in a specified manner; requiring the South Florida Water Management District to seek proposals from willing sellers of property within the Everglades Agricultural Area for land that is suitable for the reservoir project; increasing the minimum annual funding for certain Everglades projects under specified circumstances, etc.

APPROPRIATION: Indeterminate Effective Date: Except as otherwise expressly provided in this act, this act shall take effect upon becoming a law
Last Action: 2/8/2017 Senate - Now in Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources Location: In committee/council (AEN)

Bill Text

When I asked Drew Martin, this was his reply:
"I think that we must purchase land south of the lake and move water south or we will continue to destroy our estuaries. This water always flowed south before the lake was altered and the land south of the lake was drained. Property values along the estuaries and businesses along the coast have suffered greatly. This does not prevent agriculture south of the lake or destroy the communities south of the lake. We can have both storage and agriculture. Without it we are putting greater pressure on the berm around the lake and putting communities at greater risk along the rim of Lake Okeechobee."

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