Sunday, February 19, 2017

Unhinged Tyrannical Left

The government employees at the EPA are so upset over Scott Pruitt becoming Donald Trump’s Director of the EPA that they are lobbying their Senators. This appears to be an organized violation of the Hatch Act that forbids such behavior. Add to that the leaks that continue to flow from within the government and you have sabotage, pure and simple. This all should warrant prosecution.

Read about it... from Allen West.


Anonymous said...

"This all should warrant prosecution."

Why isn't Obama doing anything? Why the hell isn't Oba....


Wait a minute.

Anonymous said...

If you're not that crazy about global warming and all that environmental crap, you will be up against all those tree huggers who hate everything about Trump. They're already attacking Melania for saying the Lord's Prayer.

Lynn Anderson said...

@9:50--The EPA employees should not be undermining the new president and the new head of the EPA. Weed them out, fire them. As there are 15,000 employees, they will become loyal very quickly. Their jobs will depend on that, or they will hear that famous line--"You're fired!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn....he's your President. Tell him to quit playing golf and do something like you always were encouraging Obama to do.

Lynn Anderson said...

@3:45...hey, anonymous. Trump doesn't come down here just to play golf. He is working.
AND, just in case you don't get it, he is YOUR president. What is your problem? Oh, that's socialist in a Republican world. There is a conflict there.

mike said...

President Trump is working overtime- around 18 hours a day.

The Dems are sabotaging his proposed cabinet appointees, the press lies about him , CNN's Jake Tapper had the audacity to tell him to get to work as President as he and his network do all they can to get in his way.

The press is unhinged and dishonest and President Trump has called them out.

Thank God for this man who says what he means and means what he says.

God bless President Trump and the USA!

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: a President works 24/7 no matter who he is.

The difference between Obama and Trump is that Obama received hell every time he went on vacation or picked up a golf club. Trump, when he does the exact same thing, is "working."

It's hypocrisy and, of course, the folks practicing it have absolutely no sense that they're doing it.

Lynn Anderson said...

Well, he is working the entire time he is here.
We also note that you are the sharpest tool in the drawer at least as far as your propaganda for the alt-Left.