Thursday, February 23, 2017

Vote NO on three Year Terms

It was nearly a decade ago when three year terms lost by a landslide in Lake Worth.  We had  three lazy commissioners back then. Below are the particulars on that election.

Citizens Come First, Political Action Committee, was formed in Palm Beach County on December 26, 2007. It has subsequently closed.

Our first campaign was for the defeat of three ballot issues voted on by 3 out of the 5 City Commissioners in Lake Worth and placed on the January 29, 2008 ballot:

1. Three year Commission terms:......NO (68%) YES (32%)

2. Eliminate run-off elections:......... NO (67%) YES (33%)

3. Residency requirement for
Police & Fire Chiefs:..............NO (49.76%) YES (50.24%)

Because of the confusing ballot language of Item 3 (we wanted our chiefs to reside in the City by Charter), it lost by 21 votes. It is moot now because Fire Rescue is in PB County.

We encourage you to VOTE NO once again on March 14. 


Anonymous said...

You all are such positive people.

Lynn Anderson said...

That's right. 3 year terms were defeated in a landslide! Pretty positive I would say.

Anonymous said...

We need to vote in term limits before we even begin to think about three year terms'
Politicians,like dirty diapers ,should be changed often ! Vote NO to three year terms!