Monday, February 27, 2017

Another Shooting in Lake Worth

Incident #: 17044879
2/26/2017 @ 7:11 PM
Palm Beach County Sheriff


Anonymous said...

It is sad no one even responds anymore to all this crime here in our city. We have shootings and stabbings all the time here, so many serious crimes.

Speaking of the PBSO, there was a huge article too in the South Florida Gay News Paper this past weekend about them targeting gay people who go for walks in John Prince Park, even telling them not to come there. How unfair that gays are still being targeted by cops here in 2017.

Read the article at:

It will not make you very happy about how PBSO is treating people, this could be anyone, this is not right, everyone has the right to go for a walk and enjoy nature. Stop treating gays or targeting people you think are gays as freaks PBSO!

Anonymous said...

Tell police to do their job and not spend time at cigar bar next to post office where that business needs to be investigated on what is going on there drugs deals--saw with own eyes--so many criminal illegals all around lake worth---police start doing your job and clean up lake worth now

Anonymous said...

John Prince Park is known to be a hook-up place for gays in the bathrooms and on the nature trails. That is the only reason vice is "targeting" them. What you do in your own bedroom is of no concern to them or anyone else. What you do in a public park where it should be safe for children and families to go is of great concern to me and many others. I don't like seeing it and hope they continue to drive that kind of gay or straight activity from our park.

Anonymous said...

I think most of us can agree with that 9:34.

Anonymous said...

The hate toward gays is horrible still in 2017! What a sin! A gay person cannot go for a walk in a park without being harassed and judged, so unfair. The hate on here toward gays is horrible!

Anonymous said...

Gays and Blacks are still so discriminated against here in our society even today after you would think we would have made progress, we have made very little. Gays and blacks are still targets to all of this harassment, does anyone else see a problem with this?

Count your blessings all if you are heterosexual and white! I don't think any of you understand at all!