Saturday, October 8, 2016

Commissioner McVoy - Always Responsible and looking out for the Residents

Kevin D. Thompson of the Palm Beach Post wrote an article on last Tuesday's city commission meeting in Lake Worth, a meeting that I call--
The meeting from hell.

Commissioner Christopher McVoy, concerned about the lack of transparency on behalf of the city to give all the voters all of the available information to make an informed decision on a debt obligation for 30 years, tried to discuss and get out certain facts on the General Obligation Bond. This bond is on the ballot on November 8th. He was shot down by Maxwell and Triolo at every opportunity and not allowed to speak.

In this week's Lake Worth Herald, Mark Easton derides McVoy for saying that the bond will cost $70 million (Actually McVoy made a guesstimate of $75). Our Finance Director said it would cost more like $69 million.

Now I ask, who is irresponsible?  It's no wonder that only 6% of people trust the press.


Anonymous said...

Pass the bond that will fix the damn roads and quit your squabbling and ass dragging. At the end of the day, the fact still remains, we need the road fixed.

Anonymous said...

Pass the bond ONLY if the city gives all of the details. Otherwise, vote it down.

Anonymous said...

8:54 You're right! We do need our roads fixed. So why did Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso cut our roads budget to nearly zip and do NOTHING for TWO YEARS while our roads rotted and got worse?Why are these three afraid to give the FACTS to the people of Lake Worth so we can make an informed decision on election day?
Sounds like OBAMA Care- you have to vote for the bond before we tell you it's real impact.
I am NOT voting for this secret bond.

Anonymous said...

wish we had more chris mcvoys.thinking of all the meetings these three cancel so what is really going to happen with money.VOTE NO ON BOND

Carlos said...

Vote AGAINST the bond.

$40 million is too much to give the unholy trio and the City Mis-manager control over.

It would be a recipe for corruption, bribes, gifts, shoddy work and change orders.

Vote Against the bond.

Vote AGAINST the bond on November 8th.

Anonymous said...

I hear Bob Lepa of Wells Fargo (yeah, that Wells Fargo, where thousands of employees defrauded customers) stands to make a bunch of money if this bond goes through. Is that true, Lynn?

Lynn Anderson said...

@4:05--that's a good one! :) Not sure who will be making money off of this bond other than the bond counsel, our counsel and the financial institution involved. Of course, the contractors all will be making $$$.

Weetha Peebull said...

What the trio did to Christopher
was below an animal abuser! Idiots
that don't care or need to know what
the 40M is buying us should sit down
and shut up because many of us do!

That is exactly WHY we are NOT a DEMOCRACY
but a guaranteed REPUBLIC [Representative]
Government. Our representatives speak for
US and if you 'other' reps don't like
it - QUIT!
Bullies Bullies Bullies!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that it was Commissioner McVoy who threw insults at board VOLUNTEERS.