Saturday, October 22, 2016

Phony Palm Beach Post endorses a known Liar for Senate

We have heard a lot about the lying, phony media during this campaign but it certainly hits home today when The Palm Beach Post endorsed Patrick Murphy, a spoiled rich kid, for United States Senator who hasn't accomplished one thing while being a U.S. Congressman.
  • He lied on his resume stating he had two college degrees. Read here...
  • He lied when he said he was a small business owner. Read here...
  • He lied when he said his company had contracts to clean up the Gulf oil spill. Neither Patrick Murphy nor Coastal Environmental Services were awarded a single contract to clean up oil in the Gulf.
  • He lied when he said he was a CPA. He has never worked a day in his life as a Certified Public Accountant. According to the NRSC, after graduating in 2006, he joined Deloitte & Touche as an audit assistant. He did not meet the minimum requirements to become a Certified Public Accountant in Florida, opting instead to apply for a license in Colorado, even though he did not live or work there. He applied in Colorado because the requirements were lower. Before gaining approval in Colorado, Murphy took the licensing exam nine times before passing it. Even with a CPA license in Colorado, his opportunities in Florida were limited because his license was not valid in the Sunshine State.
Perhaps the Palm Beach Post needed to read the truth on Patrick Murphy. An endorsement such as this proves what Donald Trump has been saying for the past year. The system is rigged by the liberal, biased media which amounts to 80% of the total news media.

There are numerous articles on the Internet that confirm that Patrick Murphy is a liar and has accomplished little, if anything, while in Congress.

Vote for Marco Rubio.


Anonymous said...

Patrick Murphy is a little punk.

Anonymous said...

If Patrick Murphy wins the election, I'll know I'm in the wrong Country.