Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Palm Beach Post is one big Opinion Piece - The Liberal Propaganda Peddlers

It doesn't matter to the Palm Beach Post, owned by Cox Enterprises whose political contributions go to Democrats, that this newspaper is biased. The entire paper now seems to be an opinion piece. Even the Letters to the Editor that they choose to print are usually one-sided and are negative towards the Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.

Today there was one letter from a Democrat who dissed Marco Rubio for "playing hooky from Congress." She doesn't even know the difference between Congress and the Senate or even care that Rubio was running for president during that time or that Obama did the exact same thing when he was running. The letter, with its glaring mistake was printed anyway. It portrayed the Post's liberal leanings so it was included.

We live in a county that is predominantly Democratic. The newspaper knows this and in many of its writings and inclusions, slants their articles towards liberal policy. Today there was an article by Wayne Washington (guaranteed to be a Democrat) who, instead of writing facts, gave opinion on Randy Perkins and Brian Mast saying Mast is a "far-right extremist on the order to former Congressman Allen West and radio host Mike Levin." This is an outrageous statement from a journalist.

Today, they printed their endorsements again endorsing Patrick Murphy a known liar even to them. The Post, however, says he has the capacity to grow and believes that he is heading in the right direction. That is all bull shit. It all boils down to liberalism vs. conservatism--a stacked Supreme Court that will change our country to liberal points of view including open borders, more unvetted refugees, killing babies in the womb, Obamacare (a disaster, and our gun rights to name a few.

It must be something that they like in liars as they also like Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

"She doesn't even know the difference between Congress and the Senate..."

Actually, YOU don't.....

"The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States consisting of two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives."

This blog is beyond hilarious in its ignorance.

Thanks for the laugh today.

Lynn Anderson said...

Glad you love it, anonymous.
When referring to a congressman, you say he is in Congress.
When referring to a senator, you say he is in the Senate.
That is all.
You want to be technical, go for it.
What is insufferable about you is that you ALWAYS have to be right.
You have a deep seeded obsession of fact-checking everything I write. Must be a medical malady?

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio is a member of the Senate. What's the problem? Patrick Murphy is a member of the House. Big difference. Patrick Murphy just doesn't want to be bothered campaigning every two years. He can get money from his Arab friends and his Daddy's money.

Anonymous said...

GO RUBIO. We need someone with brains.

Anonymous said...

The Palm Beach Post is useless. Might as well buy the National Enquirer. At least they tell the true story occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, "The Big House" was a synonym for prison. This is the House that Congress belongs in.